Stretching Benefits: Stretching is necessary for fitness and healthy life, know the benefits


Health Benefits Of Stretching: As much as it is important to exercise, stretching is equally important. Because stretching works to increase blood circulation, ease motion in the morning, reduce the problem of strain in the veins and reduce the chances of injury. Some people also get confused between stretching and exercise or they do not understand the difference. Here you have been told all the important things like this difference, benefits of stretching and why it is important to do so.


Difference between exercise and stretching
For exercise, you need proper time, which you do at a fixed time, like a fixed time after a meal or a few hours before going to sleep. While stretching can be done anytime. While working in the office, when you move your arms and shoulders while getting up in the middle, that too is stretching, whereas you cannot do such exercises.
Exercise is always done consciously whereas you do stretching without any planning. For example, pulling the nerves of the hands and feet before waking up from sleep, in the native language, to wake up the body and to bring it into active mode.


What are the benefits of stretching?
-Stretching increases your efficiency in physical activities. That is, whatever work you do, you can do it with much more energy and speed.
-Stretching increases the flexibility in muscles and cells. Therefore, there is no problem of stretching, sprain or injury quickly.
-Joint stiffness is prevented. With increasing age, stretching protects the joints from the problem to a great extent.
-You are able to do the tasks done in daily life with more efficiency.
-People who do regular stretching, they have very less problem of holding things or trembling of hands and feet in old age.
-Important things about stretching
-Do not take stretching as a warm-up because when you do stretching on a daily basis, you have to do it after warm-up. Otherwise, suddenly stretching cold and calm muscles can cause pain, soreness or strain.