Strawberry Sandwich Recipe: Make Strawberry Sandwich for breakfast, It will be ready in 10 minutes


Strawberry Sandwich Recipe: The taste of strawberries is very much liked. Strawberry sandwich is also very tasty. In almost every household, this question arises every day that after all, what should be made in breakfast so that it should be tasty and healthy, as well as be ready in a very short time. If you also face this problem, then this time you can try Strawberry Sandwich in breakfast. It is very common to make sandwiches for breakfast in homes. You can prepare a sandwich with strawberries by giving a little twist to this recipe. Strawberries are not only delicious but also contain many nutrients. You can prepare this recipe in just 10 minutes. So far, if you have not tried the recipe of Strawberry Sandwich, then it can be prepared in a very easy way with the method given by us.


Ingredients for Strawberry Sandwich
-Bread slices - 4
-Strawberry - 1 cup
-Cream - 1 cup
-Honey - 1 tbsp


How to make Strawberry Sandwich

  • To make Strawberry Sandwich, first take the strawberries and wash them with water and clean them.
  • Now wipe the strawberries with a dry clean cloth, after that cut the strawberries and keep them in a bowl. Take out some strawberries for decoration and keep them aside. Now take a mixing bowl and add chopped strawberries and honey to it and mix both well. After this take the cream and beat it well too.
  • Bread slices can be toasted or used plain for sandwiches.
  • Now take a bread slice and apply the whipped cream on it all around.
  • After this, pour the honey-strawberry mixture prepared on top of the cream and spread it well. After this, placing the second bread slice on top of it, press the sandwich lightly with both hands. Similarly prepare the second sandwich. Now keep both the sandwiches in the fridge for 10 minutes.
  • Your delicious Strawberry Sandwich is ready. Garnish a little strawberry on top before serving it.