Spider Bite Remedies: Know the home remedies for Spider bites and swelling...


Best Home Remedy For Spider Bite: In the rainy season, insects and mosquitoes breed rapidly in homes. You will also see a lot of spider webs in this season. In such a situation, many times the spider bites. If you are bitten by a spider or bitten by a child, then there is no need to worry. There are many home remedies that can be used to relieve spider bites. Actually, due to spider bite, rashes, itching, rash and swelling begin to arise on the skin. Many times the infection is caused by walking on the hands and feet of the spider. Pimples start appearing at that place. For this you can adopt these home remedies.


Follow these home remedies for spider bites
1- Cold compress- If you get bitten by a spider or some other insect that you do not know, then immediately compress it with ice or any other cold thing. You keep a piece of ice in a cotton cloth and apply it on that place. This will reduce pain and swelling.

2- Apply salt- You can use salt. For this, apply salt to the affected area and tie a bandage on it. This will give relief in pain and swelling. Salt has anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing the wound.
3- Turmeric is effective- Turmeric is considered a medicine. You can use turmeric on an injury or an insect bite. Mix turmeric with olive oil and apply it to the spider bite area. This will give you relief.
4- Hot water- If you do not understand anything or do not want to use any of these things, then clean that place with simple lukewarm water and leave it open. You have to do this 2-3 times a day. This will give you relief.