Something like this can cool the heat of the stomach


Celery: Ajwain, which calms stomach heat, is a vegetable that can be consumed in smoothies, salads, or as juices. Actually, the amount of water in it is high and the body remains hydrated by its consumption.

Gond Katira: Both strong sunlight and scorching heat can make you very sick. In this case, you can eat gum katira. Actually, Katira Gum with cold effect is still used with great fervor in rural areas.

Sattu: Roasted gram flour is called sattu in many parts of India. Yes, and it is recommended to consume it to cool the heat in the stomach. At the same time, it also opens up the appetite. Let us tell you that one glass of sattu water should be drunk daily in summer.

Phalse: It is a type of sweet and sour fruit. Yes and due to the abundance of vitamin C, it is considered very beneficial for the stomach. Let us tell you that you can get it raw or in the form of juice in the market.