Some important things to use while using baby powder


Baby powder absorbs moisture to keep the baby's skin dry and comfortable, especially during nappy rashes. That's why all new moms prefer powder. Usually, it is applied directly to the baby's skin, so you should be careful when choosing any baby powder.

However, baby powders that are approved and certified by the relevant authority are safe. However, the instructions on their container should be read before use. After this, it comes to how to use it, so let's know how to use baby powder 

Important tips to use while using baby powder 

- First of all, take a little powder on your palm, and instead of sprinkling it directly on the baby's skin, apply it by gently pressing it with light hands.

- Also keep in mind that when taking the powder in hand, keep the container away from the child and instead of taking a lot at once, pour it little by little on your palm. 

- When you are applying the powder to the baby, make sure that you are not exposed to the strong wind of the fan or cooler, as this can cause the powder to fly and it can be breathed inside the baby or the baby's eyes. can go in. 


If you think that after applying powder on the face, your child will look fair, then you are thinking wrong. Rather, applying baby powder to the face of the child can cause many side effects.

For example, skin allergies or he may have trouble breathing. And if it goes in through the breath, then it can cause problems in the lungs. So use baby powder wisely.