Sleeping Tips: What is the effect on health by sleeping with your head in different directions? Know in which direction sleeping is most beneficial


Our lifestyle, diet and sleep quality have an impact on the health of the body as a whole. Studies place a special emphasis on getting a good night's sleep. Research suggests that people who don't get enough sleep may be at higher risk for a variety of mental health problems, including stress, anxiety, and depression. It also has an effect on physical health. People who don't get enough sleep have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes than other people. According to health experts, all people must take at least 6-8 hours of sound sleep at night. But did you know that sleeping pattern also affects your health? The way you sleep on the bed also has an effect on physical and mental health. It is also mentioned in Ayurveda that what can be the effect on health even by sleeping with the head in different directions? Let us know about this in detail, as well as know in which direction experts consider sleeping with the head more beneficial?


Sleeping with head towards east
In Ayurveda, what are the benefits of sleeping with the head on which side is mentioned. According to Ayurveda, sleeping with your head in the east can be beneficial for you in some situations. If you want to calm the mind, boost memory, keep blood circulation right, then sleeping with your head in this direction can give you benefits.

Sleeping with head towards west
According to Ayurveda experts, sleeping with your head in the west is not considered right according to Vastu. It can disrupt your sleep. Heading in this direction leads to the risk of sleep-related disorders which are not considered suitable for sound sleep. Experts do not consider this direction suitable for restful sleep.

Sleeping with head towards north
Sleeping with the head facing the north is often not considered appropriate. Sleeping with your head in the north direction does not provide good sleep due to electromagnetic power. Having a head in the north carries a positive charge, which can disrupt sleep. Ayurvedically sleeping with the head in this direction can cause problems like blood circulation affected, stress and disturbance of mind.


Sleeping with head towards south
Experts believe that sleeping with your head in the south direction can also be beneficial. Sleeping with the head towards the south keeps blood pressure in check and improves the quality of sleep. According to some research and Vastu Shastra, due to the electromagnetic field of the earth, sleeping head in this direction has benefits. Experts say, all people should try to get good quality sleep, it is very essential for mental-physical health.