Sleeping Position Tips: Why should you not sleep with the support of your stomach? Know its disadvantages and advantages

Sleeping Position Tips: Everyone has their own style of sleeping. Some people sleep straight, some people sleep on their side and some people sleep on their stomach. Do you know that your sleeping position affects your health? Many times you must have been told in the house that you should not sleep on your stomach. Health is the reason behind this too. Today we are telling you what health experts have to say about sleeping on your stomach.
Spine pressure, body aches
According to experts, sleeping on the stomach is injurious to health. By doing this, the pressure of the body falls on the back and spine. By sleeping in this position, most of the weight comes in the middle of the body. In such a situation, the position of the spinal cord does not change and pressure builds on it. Due to this, complaints of pain in other parts of the body also start. Sleeping on the stomach is not good for every part of the body.
Complain of pain and tingling
Health experts say that sleeping on the stomach makes the body feel inactive. There is a problem of pain and tingling in different parts of the body. Sometimes it seems that the body is going numb. People who sleep on their stomach often have neck pain. They also have to deal with the problem of tilt.
Pregnant women should avoid doing this
If a woman is pregnant, she should avoid sleeping on her stomach. In such a situation, special attention should be given to it. Because if a woman sleeps on her stomach during pregnancy, then it affects the child.
Benefits of sleeping on stomach
You have read the disadvantages of sleeping on your stomach, but now we are going to tell you, its benefits. Yes, while sleeping on the stomach has many disadvantages, there are also some advantages. If someone has a habit of snoring while sleeping, then it increases the problem of many people. In such a situation, if you sleep on your stomach, then you get rid of snoring.