Skincare for dry T-zone: - These measures will remove the problem of dry T-zone


The T-zone area of ​​a person is different from other parts of the face. While the T-zone area of ​​some women is very oily, some are very dry. In such a situation, the T-zone area needs to be taken care of separately. If a woman has dryness in the T-zone area and such a situation, if she applies oil on the face, then it gives moisture to the T-zone area, but the oil increases in other areas, which leads to clogging of pores and breakouts.

In order not to have this problem with you, you must take special care of your T-zone area. Many home remedies make your skin beautiful by removing the dryness of the T-zone area. So, in this article today, RVMUA Academy's founder, celebrity makeup artist and skincare expert Riya Vashisht is telling you about some easy ways to remove the dryness of the T-zone area-

Use glycerin

The best way to get rid of the dryness of the T-zone area is to use glycerin. For this, you first clean your skin thoroughly and then apply glycerin to the T-zone area. You leave it like this for the whole night. The next morning you wash your face. If you want, you can apply glycerin all over the face apart from the T-zone area. It will give balance moisture to your face.

Aloe Vera gel will work

aloe vera

Aloe vera gel can also be used to remove the dryness of the T-zone area. Aloe vera gel not only gives a soothing effect to your skin but also provides moisture to the skin. For this, you break the aloe vera leaf and extract fresh gel from it. You massage it lightly by applying it to your T-zone area and entire face. You leave it like this for the whole night. The special thing about aloe vera gel is that it moisturizes your skin, but does not make it oily or sticky.

Use flour husk and curd

Dead skin cells often accumulate in the T-zone area. Apart from dryness, there is also the problem of blackheads and whiteheads. In such a situation, if you want to remove all these problems along with giving him moisture, then adopt this remedy. Add curd and a pinch of turmeric as required to the flour husk and mix it. Now apply it to your T-zone area. After some time, you remove it by massaging lightly. Along with removing dead skin cells, it will also get rid of the problem of blackheads and whiteheads.

Apply almond paste

Almonds are also considered very good for the skin. In particular, you can use the almond paste to remove the dryness of the T-zone area. All you have to do for this is that you take one or two almonds and rub them. Now apply the prepared paste to your T-zone area and leave it for some time. Then remove the paste by scrubbing lightly with wet hands.

Keep these things in mind

  • If your T-zone area is dry, avoid applying moisturizer there. It will spread all over the face in no time. Due to this, your face will look oily.
  • Avoid applying any product or ingredient containing vitamin C to the dry T-zone area. This will increase the problem of irritation as well as dryness in that area.

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