Skin care tips: Butter is very beneficial for your skin! Click here to know how


Some face packs can be prepared using butter, which can make the skin glow by removing the dryness of the skin. Butter is a great source of fatty acids to moisturize the skin, which helps facilitate collagen production. Butter brings a natural glow to the face which is extremely beneficial for dry and flaky skin. Homemade fresh butter is very effective in removing skin problems.


Use of butter and banana 

- First of all mash a banana. Then add fresh butter to it. 

Now apply this paste to your face and neck. 

After drying for about 10-15 minutes, wash the face with cold water. 

Now use a moisturizer on the face. 


Use of rose water and butter - 

First of all, mix a spoonful of rose water in the butter. 

Mix it until it becomes a thick paste. 

Apply this paste to your face and neck. 

After drying for about half an hour, wash the face with lukewarm water. 

Use of turmeric and butter - Mix the butter 

and turmeric well together.

Leave this face pack on the face and neck for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes wash the face pack with lukewarm water.

Along with making the skin glowing, this face pack also brightens the complexion.

This pack of turmeric and butter is ideal for your dry skin, apply it twice a week.

Use of Cucumber and Butter - 

Mix the butter well in the cucumber juice. 

Then apply this paste to your face. 

After drying for 10 minutes, wash the face with cold water.