Skin and Hair Care: Want to brighten the face and bring shine to the hair? Drinking the juice of this green fruit will be beneficial


Healthy Skin and Hair Tips: In the scorching heat, we often do not take special care of our face and hair, in such a situation drinking juice of the fruit can remove your problem.

How To Make Amla Juice: The summer season is wreaking havoc all over North India, so it has a very bad effect on the face and hair. We take various measures to maintain the beauty of the face and the beauty of the hair, but sometimes we do not get the desired result. Today we are going to tell about such a fruit juice, drinking which will get rid of both these problems.

Benefits of amla juice

The importance of Amla has been told in Ayurveda, it is such a fruit that has many medicinal properties. If the juice of this fruit is taken out and drunk daily, then the glow on the face and shine in the hair will return. Apart from this, drinking gooseberry juice boosts immunity, improves digestion, and also helps in reducing weight.

Ingredients for making Amla Juice

-8 gooseberries
-4 tsp sugar
- one-fourth of cardamom powder
- 1/4 tsp salt
- a few pieces of ice

How to prepare amla juice

Wash the gooseberry thoroughly with clean water, after that remove the seeds of this fruit and cut it into small pieces. Now grind these pieces in a mixer and prepare a paste. Now add water, sugar, cardamom powder, and salt to this paste and mix. Now drink this drink by putting ice cubes in the glass.

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