Skin Whitening: This recipe is the secret to the smooth cheeks of Japanese women, the skin glows in just 10 minutes


Who does not like to look beautiful, we all try a lot to look beautiful, thousands of rupees are spent in the parlor and different types of beauty products are used but often we do not see the desired result and we get disappointed. 


Japanese women have very beautiful and smooth skin. Everyone wants to have beautiful skin like them, but we often wonder what Japanese women are doing to get such beautiful skin.

An anti aging face mask made from rice flour will work like magic on your face. Wrinkles on your face make your beautiful face look bad. In Japan, rice has been used as an ingredient in natural beauty remedies for years. It contains Vitamin B which is a powerful antioxidant. 

It removes wrinkles by increasing the collagen in our skin. The minerals in rice protect skin cells and tissues and slow down aging. Apart from this, the blood circulation in our skin is better and the skin glows.


Take three spoons of rice in a bowl. Add half a liter of water and mix it, boil this mixture on low flame. Keep stirring continuously with a spoon. Cook the rice well. Grind this partially cooked rice with water in a mixer. 

Make a paste. Another ingredient we need in this remedy is flaxseed which is rich in omega-3. Like rice, boil three spoons of flaxseed in half a liter of water for ten minutes. You should store this gel.