Skin Care from Sandalwood: How to maintain your skin in summer by using sandalwood


In summer we have to face many skin-related problems. During this season, the chances of getting rashes, redness, or nail acne on the skin are more. In such a situation, everyone tries different ways to keep their skin safe from the heat. Some people take cooling therapy, while some use cooling products. In such a situation, applying sandalwood can prove to be the most beneficial because the properties present in it remove skin problems, as well as give coolness to the skin. Sandalwood not only makes the skin soft and glowing but also solves many skin-related problems. Let us know about the benefits of applying sandalwood.


Get rid of acne and pimples - Sandalwood paste helps to remove acne and pimples from the face. Not only this, but sandalwood paste also shows an effect on the swelling on the face due to acne.

Protects from skin damage - Due to strong sunlight, the skin gets damaged and starts turning black. Sometimes the pimples go away but their stubborn spots remain. In such a situation, sandalwood shows miraculous effect. For this, make a paste by adding a pinch of turmeric and some milk to sandalwood powder. Now apply it and after it dries wash off with cold water.


For tanning - The problem of tanning is common due to strong sunlight. In such a situation, applying sandalwood paste is beneficial as it prevents tanning. Sandalwood has anti-tanning properties, which protect the skin from tanning. For this, mix sandalwood powder, honey, lemon juice, and curd. Now apply this paste to the affected area and wash after 15 minutes.

Keep the skin hydrated - Due to not being hydrated, the skin starts getting dry. The oil found in sandalwood removes the dryness of the skin. For this, prepare a paste by mixing two spoons of rose water in a sandalwood powder and apply.

Reduces Signs of Aging – Sandalwood has anti-aging properties, which help in keeping the skin young. Sandalwood paste is beneficial to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.