Skin Care Tips: Will get rid of wrinkles and dryness of the face, potato juice will bring back the glow..


Potato juice on Skin: There will hardly be any house in the country where potatoes are not used in food. It is because of such a large scale use of potato that it is called the 'King of Vegetables'. Different types of recipes are made from it. Apart from making and eating vegetables, potatoes are used as a medicine against many diseases. You will be surprised to know but it works as an anti aging. As soon as winter comes, it is seen that the speed of hair loss increases a lot. Along with this, the problem of dandruff in the hair is quite common. Hair experts say that potato juice gives freedom from the problem of hair fall. Along with this, it also eliminates the growing dandruff in the hair. Wrinkles of the skin and dark circles of the eyes are reduced by the use of potato juice.


Potato juice will remove these problems
1. Many nutrients including fiber, vitamins, calcium and iron are found in potatoes, which are very beneficial for the skin. You can apply the face mask made from it on the face and skin. With this you will get rid of many problems like dark circles, redness, dryness, facial spots, wrinkles including skin tone.

2. To make a face mask with potato juice, take potato juice and mix some gram flour in it and after that prepare a thick paste by mixing aloe vera gel in it. You can apply this paste on the face as well as on the neck and hands.


3. To get rid of fast growing dark circles under the eyes, mix potato juice with cucumber juice and apply it under the eyes and wash the face after 20 minutes. By doing this the dark circles will disappear.