Skin Care Tips: Use this face pack at home to get glowing skin like actress Samantha!


We all know very well that due to the changing weather, our skin has to face many problems. Due to this, the glow of our skin starts decreasing gradually. In today's time, all women want to look beautiful but in the present day, skin problems like dryness, sunburn due to walking, and dust and pollution present in the environment make our skin look lifeless. In today's time, most women follow the beauty tips of Bollywood actresses to look beautiful. If you also want your face to be glow like actress Samantha, then for this you can prepare and use this face pack at home. . Let's know about this face pack -


* Ingredients needed to make Honey Face Pack:

1. Honey - 1.5 teaspoon 

2. Aloe vera gel - 1/2 teaspoon

3. Multani Mitti powder - 2 teaspoon 

4. Rose water - 1 teaspoon 


* Easy way to make Honey Face Pack:

To make a honey face pack at home, first of all, mix all these things in a bowl and prepare the face pack.

After this, you now wash the face thoroughly with water, this will clear the dust and dirt. After this, now apply this face pack well on the face and leave it to dry for about half an hour. After this, wash your face with clean water and clean it thoroughly. After this, for people who have oily skin, it is necessary to apply a water-based moisturizer. 

Benefits of using honey face pack:

1. Honey face pack is very beneficial for those people who are troubled by the stickiness of their oily skin and the dirt of sweat.

2. Using a honey face pack keeps your skin glowing and hydrated.

3. The ingredients used to prepare the honey face pack help in the tightening of our skin.