Skin Care Tips: Use cinnamon for skin care, many problems will go away!


*Use to remove the problem of acne:

If there is a problem with acne on the skin, you can remove it by using cinnamon. For this, take the cinnamon powder and add a little honey to it. Apply a little paste on the finger and leave it on the acne. If you want, you can also use cotton in it.


* To get relief from oily skin, use a face pack with cinnamon:

You can use Cinnamon Verdict to get relief from Holi Song. To make this Facebook, you mash the banana in cinnamon powder and mix it well, after mixing, apply it to the face. Now wash the face with cold water and then apply moisturizer. Use this face pack twice a week. By using this, your skin will not get extra cuckoo and the complexion will also improve.