Skin Care Tips: To get relief from the problem of blemishes on the face, mix these things in gram flour and use it!


In today's time, everyone wants to keep their skin clean and beautiful, but due to being busy at work, they are not able to take care of their skin properly. In today's time, due to a poor lifestyle and unhealthy diet and due to the dust and pollution present in the environment, the skin starts to deteriorate quickly. To take care of their skin, people adopt various measures and also use chemical-rich products. If your face is also starting to look dry and lifeless, then you can use many types of face packs to take care of your face. Through this article, we will tell you which natural things you can use to prepare a face pack. Let us know in detail about these natural things -


1. Use Rose Petals:

Using rose water on the face makes your face clean. Rose petals are rich in vitamins that help repair damaged cells of your skin and keep them healthy and compact. The antioxidant element found in rose flower leaves prevents harmful microbes from becoming active. 

2. Besan is also effective for skin care:

Gram flour is used for cooking as well as for skin care, let us tell you that Passion X is a power pack ingredient. This helps to bring a glow to your skin and control the extra oil coming on the skin as well as remove the problems of nail acne.


3. Use sandalwood powder:

The use of sandalwood powder for skin care is considered very effective. The natural oil found in sandalwood is helpful in removing organization from your skin, along with the anti-inflammatories found in it are helpful in removing the problems caused by another sunburn from your skin. The use of sandalwood powder is helpful in removing the problem of irritation on your skin. The protein found in it works to make your skin soft and tighten the skin.