Skin Care Tips: To get a flawless face like Kiara Advani, take special care of these things!


We all know very well that the effect of increasing age starts appearing on our faces, as we grow older, changes start coming into our faces and the glow of our face starts decreasing and stains on the face. 

And along with pimples, the problem of wrinkles and acne also starts due to which our whole beauty starts getting spoiled, behind this there can be many other reasons apart from aging, but mostly behind these problems are our own bad habits. Habits are responsible, so you need to take care of some special things to take care of your skin, let us know about these things in detail through this article -

* Beauty experts say that when we come out of the house, along with dust and sunlight, the effect of pollution is clearly visible on our face, due to which the oxygen available to our skin starts getting affected. It would be that some people do not have the habit of washing their face after coming home, so keep in mind that to keep your skin healthy, it is very important to clean it regularly.


* It is very important to take full sleep to keep the skin healthy, both health experts and beauty experts say that to stay healthy, it is very important for you to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep regularly. Due to lack of sleep, the problem of fine lines and dark circles starts appearing on your face.

* You must have seen that some people are very fond of eating sweets, if you are also very fond of eating sweets, then reduce this habit from today itself because sugar is very harmful to our skin if you consume sugar.


* Beauty experts tell that for people who consume bidi cigarettes and tobacco excessively, its bad effect is seen on their skin. If you leave this habit of tobacco consumption, then the problem of dryness and wrinkles of your skin starts reducing.