Skin Care Tips: The effect of age on the neck is the first, take care of the skin of the neck in this way


The effect of aging can be felt through the skin. But even in the skin, the effect of age is first visible on the skin of the neck. So if you take care to protect your face from wrinkles. So definitely include the neck in this. So that the skin of your neck does not start telling age by loosening before time. Along with cleaning the face, it is also necessary to take care of the neck and lips. So let's know how to take care of the skin of the neck.


Beauty experts say that cleaning the neck and its lower part is equally important as cleaning the face. Most people are careless about cleaning their neck and surrounding area. The result of which is darkening of the neck, the appearance of lines and untimely loosening of the skin. If you want to protect the neck from wrinkles and blackness, then apply sunscreen daily on the neck part like the face. Wherever the sun's rays fall. It is necessary to apply sunscreen there. Therefore, sunscreen should be applied on the neck just like the face.


If all your focus is only to brighten the skin of the face. Even then you will soon start looking old. Because the skin of the neck gives an idea of ​​age. If you want to keep the skin of the neck young, then take care of it daily. Exfoliate the skin of the neck in the same way as the face. With this, the dead skin cells deposited on the neck will be removed and the neck will not turn black. Include vitamin C in your skin care routine. It helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It also produces collagen. Due to which the skin does not become loose.