Skin Care Tips: Many problems occur on the skin due to bad air, detox the skin in these ways!


At present, pollution in the air present in the environment is increasing, due to which people have started having problems like cough, and cold as well as problems like burning and itching on the skin. Apart from the skin, the problem of itching in the head can also bother you because these are all symptoms of allergies, to overcome these problems related to the skin, you should detox your skin. Let us tell you through this article about the ways to detox the skin -

* Use sea salt and honey:

Everyone adopts many methods to exfoliate their skin, you can take the remedy of sea salt and honey. For this, you can scrub your skin by mixing sea salt with honey. This method will help remove dead skin and allow your skin to breathe properly.

* Remedy of lemon in lukewarm water:

You can adopt a remedy related to lukewarm water and lemon juice to detox your body and skin. You can adopt this remedy from now on. Because the citric acid present in lemon is effective in cleaning our skin from the inside and making it glowing.


*Use coconut oil:

Moisturization is considered a very good way to keep the skin healthy, if you want to moisturize your skin naturally, then you should follow the routine of coconut oil, if you want, use olive oil mixed with coconut oil. and detox your skin.