Skin Care Tips: Is it necessary to apply sunscreen even in winters, know here...


Sunscreen in winter- It is advised to apply sunscreen while stepping out in the sun to avoid tanning and ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is generally said that sunscreen should be applied in summer, especially while stepping out in the scorching sun. But very few people know that sunscreen should be used even in winter. In winter, the skin often becomes dry and lifeless due to cold. When such lifeless skin comes in contact with the sun, its dangerous ultraviolet rays affect this dry skin as much as in summer. That's why experts talk about applying sunscreen even in winter.


Let us know why it is advisable to apply sunscreen even in winter. As you know that good sunscreen includes all the elements of skin care along with protection from ultraviolet rays. Along with protecting the skin from harmful elements outside, it also smoothes and hydrates the skin.

What is the reason
As much as the dangerous UV rays of the sun come out in summer, they do as much damage in winter. In summer its heat is less, so people think that harmful rays are not coming out from the sun in winter. Even in winter, the harmful UV rays of the sun come out and damages the skin.

Due to dehydration
-Along with damaging the skin, the sun's rays take away the necessary moisture from the face, apart from this, since people drink less water in winter, the body keeps dehydrating and its first effect is visible on the skin. The skin becomes dry and lifeless as well as starts becoming scaly.

-Not only the sun but also various types of light and pollution, the skin keeps getting damaged continuously, so sunscreen should be applied regularly in winter as well as in summer. Sunscreen contains all the essential elements that protect the skin from becoming dry, lifeless, and weak.


-It is recommended to apply sunscreen regularly twice a day i.e. at an interval of 12 hours. Beauty experts also recommend applying sunscreen in winter to moisturize the skin. With this, the skin gets all the necessary nutrition that it needs.