Skin Care Tips In Humid Season: Take care of pores on the face in this way in sticky weather


Every other woman wants to look beautiful. For this, she also takes the help of all the beauty brands present in the market.

Women add new skin care products to their routine every day, but do you know that it is important to keep many things in mind while doing skin care in sticky weather?

This is because in sticky weather, the pores on the face often become very large in size and the oil present in them makes your skin unsightly.

But if you take care of many things while doing skin care and follow them in time, then you can easily get rid of big pores, let's know-

Use Face Mask (Face Mask For Clogged Pores)

  •  If your skin is very sticky, then you should use a face mask.
  • The face mask will help to clean out all the oil inside the pores present in your skin.
  • It will also provide a natural glow to your face.
  • You can use the face mask about 2 to 3 times a week.

Choose a moisturizer like this (Gel Moisturizer For Clogged Pores)

  •  If the pores on your skin are large, then it is inevitable that your skin will be extremely oily.
  • This is because only women with oily skin have more pores on their faces.
  • If the oil present in your skin is more, then you use gel moisturizer only.
  • This is because cream moisturizers already have a high oil content, which can make the skin even oilier.

Scrubbing is very important (Exfoliate Your Skin For Clogged Pores)

  •  If the pores present in your skin are large, then you should keep on scrubbing the face from time to time.
  • This is because scrubbing cleans the extra oil present on the face, after which the pores start getting cleaned from the inside.
  • Scrubbing proves to be very helpful in cleaning the dirt inside the pores present on the face.
  • You can do scrubbing about 4 times a week and get rid of the sticky skin very easily.


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