Skin Care Tips: If you are also troubled by wrinkles on your hands, then follow these home remedies to get relief!


1. Use alum water:

To apply this, dissolve alum in water and add lemon juice to it, then dip your hands in water for 10 minutes. After taking the hands out of the water, wipe the hands and apply the cream, if you do this before sleeping then you will get the benefit. Alum is found in every household, it is very beneficial in removing the wrinkles of the hands, as well as it also brings tightness along with detaining the skin.

2. Use Coconut Oil:

Many properties are found in coconut oil, in such a situation, coconut oil will also work to heal the hand. Make a paste by mixing vitamin-E oil in coconut oil and massage it by applying it. Wash hands after 5 minutes and apply moisturizer. You will see benefits from this.


3. Use Aloe Vera Gel:

Make a paste by mixing tea tree oil and rose water in aloe vera gel and massage it by applying it to your hands, using it regularly will give you benefits. Aloe vera gel is called a natural moisturizer which is very beneficial, it has many properties. In such a situation, it is very beneficial to apply it.