Skin Care Tips: Home remedies to get rid of Acne, Pimples, and Dark Spots, know here...


If you have got blemishes on your face, then these 10 home remedies will be very useful for you. These 10 home remedies make the skin healthy and beautiful by erasing the blemishes on the face.

1) Rub stale buttermilk on the face one day before taking a bath in the morning and take a bath after 10 minutes. With this, the spots and spots of the face are erased and the skin glows.


2) Soak the lentils in so much water that they get soaked and absorb that water well. Then grind that pulse and mix it with milk or curd and apply it on the face twice in the morning and evening. After some time wash the face with lukewarm water. By doing this regularly, the scars on the face will disappear and the skin will look beautiful.

3) Mixing honey with salt and vinegar and rubbing it on the face removes freckles. Do this regularly.

4) Grind Kalonji in vinegar and apply it on the face at night and wash it in the morning. It removes acne and makes the face beautiful.

5) Before sleeping at night, massage the face with cream of curd. Wash off after fifteen minutes and go to sleep. It removes dryness, freckles, and scars on the skin.

6) Rubbing lemon on the face cures freckles and scars and brings glow and glow to the face.

7) Grind 30-40 grams of celery finely and mix it with 25-30 grams of curd and apply it to acne at night. Wash the face with lukewarm water in the morning. By doing this the acne is cleared and the face glows. With this home remedy, the dark spots emerging under the eyes also disappear.


8) Grinding lentils with lemon juice, and applying or rubbing removes freckles on the face and makes the skin glow.

9) Take about 100 grams of wheat bran and soak it in a cup in the evening. Mash it in the morning and massage it lightly on the face. You will get rid of acne and facial blemishes.

10) Take one cup of radish juice daily for a week and then all the facial scars will disappear automatically.