Skin Care Tips: Follow these methods to get relief from the problem of acne on the face due to excessive sweating!


1. To get relief from this problem, you should scrub your face at least twice a week. Using a scrub on the face cleans your skin pores. Due to this many types of problems occurring on your face are removed. Along with this, the extra oil coming out of your skin is also controlled.

2. If your skin also sweats too much, then do not use the same towel to clean this sweat, you can use tissue paper to clean the sweat. Using the same towel over and over to wipe off sweat can lead to acne on your face.

3. If you also go to the gym or any other place, do workouts, or do any other activity, then do not make the mistake of washing your face immediately after coming from there. Because in such a situation, you are more prone to getting prickly pimples on the face. To avoid this problem, clean the sweat using a towel and wash the face after 15 to 20 minutes. You can also use face wash to wash the face.


4. The cause of many problems on the face is also the makeup done on it. Because many women apply more makeup on their face and when this makeup sweats, it starts accumulating in the pores of the skin sitting in sweat. In this way, you may have a problem with acne, so always use makeup sparingly and use good products.