Skin Care Tips: By adopting these Ayurvedic tips, remove skin problems like psoriasis!


1. Use the bark of the neem tree:

Neem tree leaves are used in many screen-related problems. Because these leaves are rich in medicinal properties. Along with the leaves, the bark of the neem tree is also rich in medicinal properties, it has antibacterial properties which are beneficial for your health as well as your hair and skin. To get relief from this problem, grind the bark of the neem tree and make a paste and use it wherever you have a problem with red rashes.


2. Use the juice of Turai leaves:

To remove the problem of psoriasis on the skin, you can use the juice of turai leaves, according to Ayurveda, you can apply this paste by making a paste of turai leaves and adding coconut oil to it. Is there - put it there. Use it daily for a few days, by doing this you will get relief from this problem to some extent.