Skin Care Tips: Beetroot is beneficial for skin care, know how to use it...


Beetroot for skin care: In the cold season, there is a glut of green vegetables and colorful fruits in the market. In winter, more than one delicious dish is made in homes. Which are very good in terms of health. In this season, people like to eat beetroot in the form of juice and salad. Nutrients in beetroot are found in plenty in it, which work to keep you hydrated. These are very beneficial in terms of beetroot benefits for the skin.


How to apply beetroot on the face
- If you want the skin to remain glowing, then apply its juice on the face. Your skin will start glowing.

- Mixing its juice in curd and applying it will make your skin bouncy. Then everyone will ask the secret of your glowing skin.

- The face mask of beetroot and aloe vera is also considered very good for your skin. This keeps your skin hydrated in cold weather.


Apart from this, massage the face by mixing coconut oil in beetroot juice, this will reduce dryness on your face. The skin will start to glow. Applying beetroot and milk together will give a natural glow to the skin. This is also a good way to pamper the skin.