Skin Care Tips: Apply oil on these parts of the body before sleeping in winter, there will be unique benefits on the skin...


Massage benefits: It is very important to take special care of the skin during winter. On the other hand, people try different skin care treatments to remove dryness of the skin during the winter season but have you ever followed night skin care tips? Yes, by applying oil on some body parts before sleeping at night in winter, you can get many benefits at once.


Many people use oil to maintain the moisture of the skin in winter. On the other hand, some people are also very fond of getting body massages while lying in the winter sun. However, massaging some parts of the body with oil at night in winter is very beneficial. So let's know the benefits of applying oil on some body parts in winter.

Benefits of oil massage
Do foot massage

Massaging the soles of the feet before sleeping at night during winter is very beneficial. This not only gives you good sleep but also improves your eyesight. Also, massaging the soles with mustard oil improves the blood circulation of the body and makes the body strong. Apart from this, massaging the feet is also a good option for reducing weight.

Belly button massage
Massaging the navel in winter is also considered a very effective skin care recipe. Lips remain soft and pink by applying mustard oil on the navel before sleeping. Also, massaging the navel proves to be a better option to get rid of stomach pain, digestion, burning sensation, or itching in the eyes. Whereas in winter, you can massage the navel to make the skin soft.


Massage with mustard oil
It is best to use mustard oil for massage in winter. Vitamin E present in it helps in maintaining the glow by nourishing the skin.

On the other hand, mustard oil, rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements, is effective in making the skin free from rashes, infections, and toxins. Regular application of mustard oil in winter keeps the skin soft and glowing.