Skin Care Habits: Do not miss these Skin Care Habits in 20s, you will be troubled for a long time..


The age of 20 is such a period, which is important for the care of health, skin and hair. The effect of mistakes made in this can be seen for a long time. Let us tell you what things you should take care of in skin care during this period.


Sunscreen is essential: We are all surrounded by UV waves and it does not take long for the skin to become dull. Now the routine of sunscreen should be followed from a young age.

Attention to food: The effect of your food can be seen not only on health but also on the skin. Experts say that whether you are 20 years old or 50, you should always consume green vegetables and things rich in nutrients.

Hair fall: Hair fall is common on a daily basis, but if it is falling fast, do not ignore it. Most of the youths repeat this mistake and have to live with baldness or gray hair at an early age.


Retinol is the best: Use of retinol in skin care is trending. Everyone should use it from the age of 20, because now it has become an important tool for skin care.