Simple ways to protect yourself from dengue


Make sure that water does not stagnate in buckets, coolers, or flower pots in and around your house as this is where mosquitoes breed

Keep all doors and windows closed in the morning and evening, as mosquitoes come in at this time

You should cover your hands and feet while going out during the day because that is the time

When mosquitoes are active, apply mosquito repellent to exposed areas of your skin, you can also apply neem oil or coconut oil just before bedtime

You can get regular spraying done at home and you can keep the Tulsi plant outside your house.

You can also use camphor, just let a piece of camphor burn for 15-20 minutes, the smoke will keep mosquitoes away

Grind a few cloves of garlic and boil it in water and sprinkle this solution all around the pungent smell of garlic will drive away all the mosquitoes.

Leave the mosquito repellent on shortly before bedtime

If you feel any discomfort, start taking steam daily.