Simple and home remedies to get rid of toothache


Today's diet directly affects our health. Eating outside has a bad effect on health, now whether it is any part of the body, the difference falls on all the organs. When a person has pain in his teeth, it also affects his food and drink and the person is unable to chew properly. 

Many people around the world are troubled by toothache, while the reason behind it can be a bacterial infection, calcium deficiency, or not cleaning the teeth properly. At present, a toothache can be removed with the use of onion. So the question is how to use onions. Today we are going to tell you about the same.

Use of Onion - Many problems of teeth can be overcome by using onion and lemon together. For this, prepare a mixture of salt and lemon juice in a bowl. Then rub this mixture into the onion pieces. Doing this not only removes the cavity but also gives relief from toothache. Yes, although people think that if they put onion on the teeth, then there may be a problem like smell.

But first let us tell you that if you use onion with salt, then it can not only clean the teeth well but can also remove toothache. Yes and to do this, you have to cut the onion into two pieces and sprinkle salt on it and rub it on the teeth. You can benefit from doing this.