Side effects of honey: Honey can harm these people, do not make these mistakes

Honey can cause these harm to health

Despite having many benefits, the side effects of honey can prove to be harmful to the body in some ways. Let us tell you when and which people should avoid consuming honey. Learn…

Honey is such a food item, whose consumption has been advised not only in Ayurveda but also in allopathy. Consuming honey rich in natural properties provides many benefits to the body. It contains many important nutrients for the body such as carbohydrates, proteins, iron, (Iron-rich foods) Vitamin C(Vitamin C benefits for the body) B, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and others are full of it. According to experts, fructose is about 35 percent, glucose 25 percent, and some amount of sucrose and maltose are present in it. It contains many such minerals, which are capable of removing bad bacteria from the body.

Despite having so many benefits, honey (Side Effects of Honey) May prove to be harmful to the body in some ways. Let us tell you when and which people should avoid consuming honey. Learn…

Fatty liver

People who are troubled by the problem of fatty liver, should not consume honey. According to health experts, fructose found in honey is the main source of sugar, and eating it can worsen the condition of liver. It is said that fructose is metabolized by the liver and in such a situation, people with fatty liver may have problems.

Dental problems

Even though there is natural sugar present in honey, those who have problems with cavities in the teeth or poor health of the gums should stay away from it. If you like to consume honey, then eat it in limited quantity too. Excessive consumption of honey can increase the decay in the gums.


People suffering from this disease should avoid consuming any kind of sugar. The fructose present in honey is believed to be the source of sugar. Fructose can worsen the sugar level in diabetic patients. Only honey, should such things not be eaten at all, in which fructose is present in the right amount.

Children do not drink

Children whose age is less than 12 months, that is, those who are infants, should not consume honey. According to the child specialist, feeding honey to the baby increases the risk of Clostridium infection. In order to keep the baby healthy, initially, only mother’s milk should be given. In this, sugar can be supplied from the mother’s milk in the child’s body.