Side Effects Of Using Talcum Powder: - Using talcum powder can cause this harm, know from the expert


During the summer season, when the temperature rises very much, the person sweats excessively. In such a situation, people use talcum powder to keep themselves sweat-free and provide coolness. Talcum powder indeed helps in relieving itching and other problems caused due to heat in this season. But excessive use of talcum powder can also cause many problems. Not only this but using very finely ground talcum powder is also not good for you.

You may have now only heard praises of talcum powder in advertisements or from people's mouths, but you must know about the other side of the coin as well. So, in this article today, RVMUA Academy's Founder, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Skin Care Expert Riya Vashisht is telling you about some of the disadvantages of talcum powder-

Increases dryness

Some women apply talcum powder on their faces, but you should not do this by mistake. If you do this, it increases the dryness of the face. Due to which the skin looks dry and sometimes due to this you may also have a problem with rashes. Continuous use of talcum powder can also darken the skin. Therefore, if you want to use powder on the face, then use face powder instead of talcum powder. If you want, you can also put a compact.

May promote skin infection

In the summer season, people often use it on their underarm or waist etc. But if you also do this, then the chances of getting skin infection increase manifold. Talcum powder contains starch and when used on underarms it can cause them to clump. In such a situation, talcum powder absorbs the sweat of your skin, but it increases the chances of skin infection.

Can clog pores

Talcum powder is also considered harmful to the skin because it is very finely ground. Due to this, the pores of the skin get clogged due to its use. It does not allow sweat to evaporate in the summer season. In this case, your chances of getting rashes may increase. At the same time, if you already have a problem with rashes, then it can go from bad to worse.  

There may be breathing problems

When you use talcum powder during summers, its particles can enter our airways through the air. In such a situation, when we inhale these particles, it can cause wheezing, breathing problems and cough. In some cases, it can also cause chronic irritation of the lungs.

So now before using talcum powder, you should also consider its advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, it is equally important to use it properly.

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