Side Effects Of Curd: These people will have to make distance from curd, otherwise it will be difficult

Health Tips: Curd is a boon for health, it eliminates these diseases

Side Effects Of Curd: Curd can prove to be harmful to some people, so you have to stay away from it. This can increase the problem of patients with asthma and acidity problems.

Side Effects Of Curd: For some people, food is incomplete without curd. Most people consume it in their food every day, but do you know that curd is harmful to some people. That is, such people who are already facing some disease will have to distance themselves from it, otherwise, your problem may increase further. For asthma and acidity patients, it is no less than poison, so let us know what can be the problem with it.

Asthma patients have to make distance

Everyone knows that curd contains many nutrients like vitamins, calcium, and proteins. This helps reduce stomach problems, and high BP as well as many diseases, but people who have difficulty in breathing, have to stay away from it. You should consume it in limited quantity.

Also dangerous for acidity patients

Such people, who have the problem of acidity, have to stay away from it, otherwise, your problem may increase. Such people are unable to digest curd properly and they are likely to vomit. In such a situation, patients with acidity should consume it in very limited quantities.

Do not eat curd at all in the problem of arthritis

Even in the problem of arthritis, you should consume curd in limited quantity, because it can increase your problem. In such a situation, patients should consume curd once a week, otherwise, your problem may increase. However, it is believed that the consumption of curd strengthens the teeth and bones. In such a situation, you can consume it after consulting your doctor.

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