Shree KrishnaMantra: - Chanting this mantra of Shri Krishna can make your personality very attractive


Shri Krishna Mantra: Mantras have been described as very effective in Hinduism. The special thing is that every mantra fulfils some special goal. Just as some mantras are for health and some for success, there are some mantras whose chanting enhances personality. 

Our astrology expert DrRadhakant Vats told us about one such mantra. This mantra belongs to Shri Krishna. It is believed that by chanting this mantra, a person gets an attractive personality. Apart from this, many other benefits can also be obtained by chanting this mantra. 


Shri Krishna Akarshan Mantra 

  • Shri Krishna KrishnaAkrishnayaNamah. This mantra is the SaptadashaksharMahamantra of Lord Shri Krishna. The speciality of this mantra is that the accomplishment of this mantra is not simple. Where other Krishna mantras are proved by chanting 108 times, on the other hand, to prove this mantra, it is considered mandatory to chant it 5 lakh times. 
  • It is strictly prohibited in the scriptures to chant this mantra without proper posture and method. According to the rule described in the scriptures, the method of chanting this mantra while sitting on a seat and with Havan-rituals etc. has been told. It is also necessary to have the tithe of Havan, the tithe of Abhishek, the tithe of Tarpan and the Tarpan. 
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Shri Krishna Akarshan Mantra Benefits 

  • By chanting Shri Krishna Akarshana Mantra, a person gets an attractive personality. 
  • The Chanting of Shri Krishna Akarshana Mantra proves the speech power of a person.
  • By chanting Shri Krishna Akarshana Mantra, a person's body is saved from diseases.
  • By chanting Shri Krishna Akarshana Mantra, the body starts to shine like the Sun. 
  • Physical pains go away by chanting Shri Krishna Akarshana Mantra. 
  • Chanting of Shri Krishna Akarshana Mantra brings a supernatural glow to the personality. 
  • By chanting Shri Krishna Akarshana Mantra, divinity starts flowing in the eyes. 

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