Should you consume bitter gourd in summer? Click here to know its advantages and disadvantages


The month of June is going on and the heat is at its peak. To avoid this, people have made many changes to their food and drink. In many homes nowadays, a lot of bitter gourd vegetable is being made. 


Benefits of Bitter gourd 

Consumption of bitter gourd helps reduce weight. 

Consumption of bitter gourd is beneficial in reducing weight and its consumption also increases eyesight.

Along with this, by consuming bitter gourd regularly, many diseases related to the body are removed. 

Along with this, bitter gourd also helps in dealing with constipation and piles, so bitter gourd is considered very beneficial for health. 

Disadvantages of Bitter gourd 


Patients with diabetes must take the advice of a doctor before consuming bitter gourd.

Apart from this, women who are breastfeeding their children should avoid consuming bitter gourds, along with this, do not consume bitter gourds during pregnancy.