Shopping Tips Kanpur: - Buy designer sarees between Rs 200-500 from this market in Kanpur


The city of Kanpur, which is called the industrial capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, has the status of a metropolis. Along with being a metropolis, Kanpur is no less than a metro city. The lifestyle of the people living here is very luxurious. Along with good food, the living conditions of the people here are also good. Therefore the markets of this city are also very rich. 

Being a metropolis, Kanpur has not one but many markets. Today we are going to tell you about a market in Kanpur where very cheap and designer sarees are available. We are talking about General Ganj Market. This market is the wholesale market of Kanpur and it is made up of 3 different markets.

Hatia Market, Naughda Market, and KahuKothi Market are also connected to the General Ganj Market of Kanpur. All these markets are wholesale markets for clothes and other household essentials. But today we will talk about the General Ganj Market of Kanpur, where people come from far and wide to shop for sarees. 

Where is General Ganj Market? 


Kanpur's General Ganj Market is in the center of the city. This market is only about 3 kilometers from Kanpur Central Railway Station. As you move further inside the city from the station, this market will get closer. First of all, you will see the Naughada market, after that as soon as you move forward, you will start seeing the dazzle of the General Ganj market connected to the Kanpur bullion market. 

Why is General Ganj Market famous? 

In this market, you will find small to big showrooms and shops, where there is so much variety of designer sarees and salwar suits that you will get tired of watching. The best thing about this market is that you can shop for clothes both wholesale and retail. Here you will also find pieces of many similar sarees, while some such designer sarees will also be seen, whose second copy will be challenging for you to find. 

Rate list of General Ganj Market? 

Here you will find sarees ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 5000, even you will find more expensive sarees. You will get very beautiful sarees between Rs 200 to Rs 500, which you can wear for daily use or even outside. On the other hand, party wear sarees will be available from Rs 1000 to Rs 2000. 

You can also do wedding shopping from this market in Kanpur. So if you come to Kanpur next time, then definitely come to this market for shopping.


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