Shakuni Mama's dice were made from this thing, you would be surprised to know!


Mahabharata is a great story. Every character was important in this great saga. Today we are going to tell you about one such character of Mahabharata who is famous for his devious intellect. We are talking about Shakuni Mama. People also call him the villain of Mahabharata. Shakuni Mama was full of deceit, and misdeeds. He got a place in Mahabharata because of his actions. Till the war in Mahabharata, Shakuni played tricks on the destruction of the Pandavas and his ploy was largely successful. These devious moves in the Mahabharata resulted in turmoil throughout the life of the Pandavas and eventually war. Today we are going to tell you the secrets of those mysterious passes of Shakuni Mama, who started the Mahabharata.


Shakuni's father was King Subal Shakuni of Gandhara. Shakuni was Gandhari's younger brother and from the time he was born, he was a master of prodigious intelligence. King Subal liked this.

The secret of Shakuni's dice- In the Mahabharata, Shakuni used to listen to the dice. It was made from the spinal cord of Shakuni's dead father. When his father died, Shakuni kept some of his bones with him. After that once Shakuni became fond of gambling. He was very smart at gambling and because of this, he made dice from his father's bones. These dices were only listened to by Shakuni. The dice were used to perform according to his orders. This order was given to Shakuni by his father. He was told by his father, "After I die, make dice out of my bones, these dice will always obey you, no one will beat you in gambling." Shakuni followed this order and thus never lost in gambling.


Another story of Shakuni's dice - It is also popular that Shakuni's dice were made of ivory. Shakuni Mama used to do hypnosis very well and this was the reason that whenever he used to gamble, he used to change the dice points with his hypnotic power. He used to get the dice in his favor and hence he would win in gambling. In the Mahabharata, when gambling was played, the dice were thrown in favor of the Pandavas many times, but due to Shakuni's hypnosis, the Pandavas fainted and thought that the dice were right.

Shakuni Mama's Death- It is told in the Puranas that Sahadeva killed Shakuni Mama in the battle of Kurukshetra. All the brothers of Shakuni were also killed by Arjuna.