Sex Life: These symptoms appear in men due to a lack of sex hormones, do not ignore them

Don’t Ignore The Symptoms Seen In Men Due To Lack Of Sex Hormone

Testosterone hormone levels often drop in men as they age. When this sex hormone is deficient, some of the symptoms become apparent in men. But they do not even realize it. Let us know about those symptoms-

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced in the male body. The function of the testosterone hormone is to increase libido (sex drive) in men. But when testosterone levels in men start decreasing, they face many problems. This hormone is also related to their sexual development. From the symptoms mentioned here, you can know that your body is not deficient in testosterone.

What causes testosterone deficiency in men?

  • Due to infection or tumor in the pituitary gland
  • From chemotherapy to cancer treatment
  • Radiation treatment
  • Due to a genetic disease
  • When the amount of iron in the body increases too much
  • Due to too much stress
  • In case of kidney-related diseases
  • On daily consumption of alcohol
  • Obesity
  • In case of any kind of metabolic disorder
  • In case of kidney failure

Testosterone deficiency in men is a medical problem with age, which is directly related to type 2 diabetes and obesity. A blood test can only detect testosterone levels. Explain that testosterone hormone levels fluctuate in everyday life. Its levels are sometimes low, sometimes high, but when the level of testosterone in men starts decreasing, its symptoms start appearing in the body.

At what age does testosterone level decrease?

On average, testosterone levels begin to drop in men after the age of 45. But it is a bit difficult to say what the level of testosterone should be because the level of testosterone fluctuates daily due to the nutrients present in the food, BMI, alcohol, disease, drugs, and age.

What are the symptoms?

Lack Of Sex Hormone

Mood swings: 

  • When testosterone levels are low in men, many emotional changes take place in the body. Excessive levels of this hormone can have a detrimental effect on the mental health of men, such as excessive anxiety, irritability, stress, increased anxiety, and restlessness. When testosterone levels are normal, they are in a good mood and feel better than before.


Lack of muscle strength: 

  • When testosterone is deficient in the body, the first effect is on the muscles. When testosterone levels are low, muscles begin to weaken. Testosterone levels are gradually balanced by regular use of prescription drugs as well as regular exercise. 

When fat accumulates: 

  • Obese men accumulate more fat in their body and due to the accumulation of more fat, they start deficient in testosterone.

Memory Loss: 

  • Men who start having testosterone deficiency gradually have poor memory.

Decreased sexual desire: 

  • Testosterone plays an important role in increasing libido in men. But when the level of this sex hormone decreases, the desire of men to have sex starts decreasing.

Lack Of Sex Hormone

Excessive stress: 

  • Taking too much mental and physical stress also affects testosterone levels in the body. When both types of stress increase, the level of cortisol in the body also decreases, due to which the level of testosterone also decreases.

Not getting enough sleep: 

  • For men who do not get enough sleep for 8-10 hours regularly, their testosterone levels start to decrease. One of the reasons for not getting enough sleep is stress. When stress increases in the body, the level of testosterone starts decreasing. 


What to do when the body is deficient in testosterone?

  • Try to be stress-free.
  • Keep the metabolism in order.
  • Get 8-10 hours of complete and good sleep,
  • Workout 30-40 minutes daily.
  • Include weightlifting in your workout routine.
  • Reduce the number of fats in the diet. Ignore high-fat foods if possible.
  • Eat healthy foods in your diet to control weight.
  • It is better to get in the habit of sleeping on time after completing the necessary work and get at least 8-10 hours of sleep.