Sewai Recipe: So many dishes can be made with vermicelli, definitely try it once...


By the way, people know vermicelli only as a sweet dessert. But there are many ways to make vermicelli in sweet desserts too. With this, you can prepare an upma with vermicelli along with evening tea. So let's know four such dishes of vermicelli. Which you must try once. Then see how it will be in demand every day.


Vermicelli Upma
To make vermicelli upma, first, roast the vermicelli. To fry the vermicelli, heat the desi ghee in a pan, and then fry the vermicelli until it becomes golden. Then keep it aside. In the same pan, increase the quantity of desi ghee and fry the peanuts. Then fry the potatoes cut them into small pieces and take them out. Now heat oil in a pan. When the oil becomes hot, crackle the cumin seeds. Also, add mustard seeds. After the mustard becomes red, add chopped onion in small size and fry it. Then add chopped tomatoes to it. Also, add salt as per taste. Cook the tomatoes well. When the tomatoes are cooked, then add peanuts and potatoes. Add water together and let it come to a boil. Then add roasted vermicelli. Now cook it till the water dries up. Just when the vermicelli is cooked, take it off the gas. And serve hot.


Vermicelli pudding
Add desi ghee and fry the vermicelli in a pan. Along with this, roast cashew nuts and almonds and keep them. Boil milk in a pan. When it boils, add roasted vermicelli and cook it. Keep stirring with a spoon. Lastly, add cardamom powder and cook for some time. Simply add desired dry fruits along with cashews and almonds for garnishing and serve chilled.


Sugar syrup
To make dry sweet vermicelli, roast the vermicelli in desi ghee and keep it. Then cook sugar and water in a vessel. When it is cooked, add milk at the end and bring it to a boil. Lastly, add the roasted vermicelli and cover it with a pot. Then let it cook for some time on medium heat. When the vermicelli is cooked and the milk dries up, switch off the gas. Serve hot or cold by adding desired dry fruits.