Setting Powder Hacks: - These hacks related to setting powder will give you the perfect look


During makeup, women prefer to use setting powder last. Setting powder not only gives a perfect look to your makeup but also helps to make it long-lasting. Setting powder is a must in every woman's makeup kit. However, it is not just a dusting powder, which should be used only at the end of the makeup. If you want, you can change your entire makeup look with its help.

Yes, women like to use setting powder in only one way during makeup while it is a multipurpose product, which solves many types of problems during makeup very easily. So today in this article we are telling you about some easy hacks related to setting powder, which you must know-

Give matte look to lipstick

If you have liquid lipstick, but you want to carry lipstick in a matte look, then you can do so with the help of setting powder. All you have to do is, first of all, apply your lipstick as usual. Now dab the lips lightly with the tissue paper. You then dip a powder brush into the setting powder. Gently swirl it on the tissue paper over your lips. Now take off the tissue paper. Your lips are matte now.

Give Lashes Extra Volume

This setting powder hack will help give your lashes extra volume. Many times women apply mascara, again and again, to give a thicker look to the lashes, which makes the lashes look sticky and awkward. Instead, use this method. First, apply mascara to your lashes and sprinkle some loose powder on them before the mascara dries. Then apply a second coat of mascara. By adopting this method, your lashes will look naturally thicker.

Give the foundation an airbrushed look

Usually, setting powder is used after applying foundation, but if you follow this hack, it will not only make the makeup long-lasting, but you also get an air-brushed look in the foundation. All you have to do for this is that you apply setting powder on the face before the foundation. When you do this, the powder easily absorbs the oil on your skin and acts as a shield between your skin and makeup. 

Tone Down Blush and Bronzer 

Face makeup is not complete until blush is applied to the cheeks. But it is seen that sometimes you take too much blush or bronzer on your brush, which ends up getting too much on your face. So it becomes very difficult to fix it.

Some women also remove face makeup and redo it, although you do not need to do this. You can use a setting powder to reduce those harsh lines and tone down the colour a bit.


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