Sawan month 2022: Significance, Worship Method, Calendar for Somwar Vrat; Learn everything you need to know about!


The month of Sawan marks the beginning of the monsoon season in India. This year the month of Sawan or Shravan is starting on 14th July 2022 and the month will end on 13th August. The month of Sawan is marked by full devotion to Lord Shiva and fasting, especially on Mondays, which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is known as 'Shravan or Sawan Somwar Vrata.


During this time, every Monday devotees visit the temple and offer flowers, milk, and holy water to Lord Shiva. Some people also observe a fast on Tuesday, which is known as 'Mangala Gauri Vrata.

Dates, Timings of Samasta Sawan Monday 2022


First day of Sawan month: 14th July, Thursday 

First Shravan Monday: 18th July, Monday

Second Shravan Monday: July 25, Monday

Third Shravan Monday: 1st August Monday

Fourth Shravan Monday: August 8, Monday

Last day of Sawan month: 12th August, Friday 

Chaturdashi Tithi starts on 26th July at 06:46 PM and ends on 27th July at 09:11 PM.

Shivratri Parana Time - July 27- 05:40 AM to 03:51 PM

Nishita Kaal Puja Timings - 12:07 AM to 12:49 AM, July 27

Night Prahar Puja Timings - 07:16 PM to 09:52 PM

Ratri II Prahar Puja Timings - 09:52 PM to 12:28 AM, July 27

Ratri Tritiya Prahar Puja Timings - 12:28 AM to 03:04 AM, July 27

Ratri Chaturth Prahar Puja Timings - 03:04 AM to 05:40 AM, July 27