Sawan Somvar Vrat Recipe: Quickly make peanut chutney without garlic, know the method


The second Monday of the month of Sawan is about to come. In such a situation, if you are going to make some snacks on a fruit diet. So peanut chutney will taste delicious with it. The taste of peanut chutney with Falahari Tikki and Pakoras will be amazing. At the same time, this chutney is ready in minutes. So let's know how to make peanut chutney.


Ingredients for Peanut Chutney
To make peanut chutney, you will need 100 grams of peanuts, green chili, a pinch of cumin, desi ghee, one-inch piece of ginger, and rock salt as per taste.

How to make Peanut Chutney
To make peanut chutney, first, heat the pan and add some ghee to it. Fry green chilies in this ghee. Remove the green chilies and fry the peanuts well in the same pan. When the sweet smell starts coming from the peanut, then turn off the gas and take it out on a plate. Let the peanuts cool down. After that take off all the peels.


It is easier to remove the skin of a peanut that has cooled down. Also, while roasting peanuts, keep in mind that the ghee is not too much, otherwise, the skin will stick and there will be difficulty in removing it. Put the roasted green chilies along with peanuts in the mixer jar. Also, add cumin and ginger together. Grind finely and take it out in a bowl. Add rock salt and mix it. If you want to enhance the taste of chutney, then you can also add mint and raw mango to it.