Saree Draping Tips:-Follow these tips for the housewife to get the perfect look in a saree


The saree is a traditional garment for women and in this age of modernity, while western outfits have dominated women's wardrobes, the saree still holds its place firmly. Even today some women have so much craze to wear saree that they wear saree regularly. Some housewives also feel more comfortable in saree. 

But if you are wearing a sari at home, then how to drape it perfectly so that you can easily do all the work by wearing a sari and the look of the sari should not be spoiled at all. Come today in this article we will tell you how you can easily do all the work by wearing a sari at home. 

Step 1 

First of all, you have to choose a petticoat which is of cotton and is slightly more rounded than the D-coat. If the petticoat will be surrounded, then you can easily move around wearing a sari. Along with this, you have to tie the petticoat on your left side. Do not tie the petticoat too tightly or loosely. 


Now you have to do basic tuck-in with saree. When you wear a sari at home, tuck the sari at the height of the home slippers. Take care that the saree does not get stuck in your feet. Therefore, while doing basic tuck-in, keep the height according to your comfort. 


Now you have to make the lower plates of the saree. Saree has to be worn throughout the day in the house, so keep the plates of medium size and tuck in the petticoat and put a pin from outside. The farther up you put the pin, the more likely it is to hide along the pallu. 


Now you have to make shoulder plates. During this, you should make plates of medium width and the length of the pallu should not be kept too much. Keep the pallu on the shoulder and put a pin. Along with this, you should put a pin on the backside while attaching the pallu to the blouse.  


Now you have to hold the front plates of the saree together and press them with your hands. By doing this you set all the plates and the plates does not look spread. 

Hope you liked this easy way to drape a saree. If you are also wearing a saree at home, then the steps mentioned above will help you get the perfect saree look. 


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