Salt Astrological Benefits: A pinch of salt will solve all your problems


For Barkat, fill salt in a glass cup and put four-five cloves in it. By doing this, the grace of Goddess Lakshmi remains at home, and wealth is blessed.

If a person has got an evil eye, then take a pinch of salt and throw it on him three or five times and throw it out, by doing this the evil eye goes away.

Babies should be bathed with salt water once a week, this trick keeps children away from the evil eye.

Put salt in a glass cup in the bathroom of the house, by doing this the Vastu defects inside your house will be removed.

If there is often a quarrel between husband and wife, then put rock salt in a glass bowl or glass and keep it in your bedroom, the negative energy will end and the condition of the house will improve.

Salt works to remove negative energy from the house, for this add a pinch of salt to the water while mopping the house, doing this twice a week brings positive energy to the house.