Sabudana Benefits: Sabudana fulfills the lack of water in diarrhea, know and benefits


On hearing the name of fasting, only one thing would come to our mind, today we will get to eat sago khichdi. Because of which people fast. Sabudana is used in fasting. But it is not that it can be eaten only during fasting. The food is light and tasty. The body also benefits from this. It removes body heat and controls blood pressure. Sabudana is full of many such properties. So let's know about its other properties.


1. There is potassium in sago, which keeps the flow of blood in the body right, so that there is no problem of blood pressure.
2. It contains a lot of carbohydrates which gives energy to the body. Consuming it during the fasting days removes the weakness of the body.
3. Eating sago during pregnancy provides great benefits to the unborn child. Because it contains folic acid and vitamin-B which is very beneficial for the baby.
4. It is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin-K, which is necessary for the strength of bones. Its consumption also provides relief from muscle pain.

5. Sabudana is very light to eat and it removes many stomach problems. Its consumption improves the digestive power of the stomach, which gives relief from problems like gas and indigestion.
6. Many times there is a lack of water in the body due to diarrhea. In such a situation, eating sago khichdi is very beneficial.
7. Sabudana also helps in increasing weight. People who have weak immunity, due to which their weight is not able to increase. In such a situation, eating sabudana khichdi or kheer is very beneficial.