Running Posture: Do you also do running to stay fit? So know about running posture..


Running Posture: We all know that physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. You can stay fit and healthy by making running a part of your physical activity. According to HealthStartFoundation, running also has many benefits such as it strengthens bones, increases immunity, it is a great exercise for the heart, etc. If you do running then it is important for you to know about the right running posture. So, that you can get maximum benefit out of it.


What should be the correct running posture?
According to the Healthstart Foundation, correct running posture will help you run fast, effectively and comfortably. Not only this, it will put less stress on your body which can reduce the risk of injury. This will also reduce your tiredness. This is how your running posture should be.

Direct View:
Your eyes should always be forward while running. Never look down during this. Not only is this proper running form, but it's also a safe way to run.

Keep hands relaxed:
Whenever you run, keep your arms and hands relaxed as much as possible. Avoid tightening your hands. don't move your arms too much
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Your shoulders should also be relaxed and forward facing during running. It should not be bent. By keeping the shoulders too forward, the chest becomes tight and there can be problems in breathing. If your shoulders are relaxed, you will not have trouble breathing.


Don't jump and run:
If you bounce while running, it is called vertical oscillation. This makes your body shake a lot, which wastes more energy. Due to which you can get tired quickly. In short, your posture should be straight while running. Your head should be straight and back should also be straight. During this your shoulders should be relaxed. Also make sure that you are not bending your body forward or backward as some people do when they are tired. If your posture is not correct while running, then you can face many problems like getting hurt. So keep your posture correct and stay fit.