Rudrabhishek in Sawan: For prosperity and happiness do this work once in the month of Sawan


Rudrabhishek in Sawan 2022: The month of Sawan has started and this month has special significance in Hinduism. Every day of Sawan month is considered special. Many big fasts and festivals come in this holy month. In this month, a fast is observed on Monday to get the blessings of Lord Bholenath. Also, Shivalinga is worshipped. It is said that Shiva worship in the month of Sawan is the one who fulfills the desire. Shiva devotees worship Mahadev in different ways throughout this month. Rudrabhishek is considered very auspicious. It is a religious belief that doing Rudrabhishek once in the month of Sawan removes all the troubles of life. In such a situation, let us know about the benefits of Rudrabhishek and its method ...


When to do Rudrabhishek in Sawan?
Although Lord Shiva is worshiped throughout the year, by worshiping and meditating on Shiva Shambhu in the month of Sawan, all kinds of troubles are removed. Every Monday of Sawan month is considered more important for Shiva's grace. Pradosh dates will be on 25 July and 9 August. In such a situation, on these special occasions, do Rudrabhishek at least once in your house.

Importance of Rudrabhishek
Getting Rudrabhishek in the month of Sawan brings happiness, prosperity, and peace to the house. Along with this, by doing Rudrabhishek on Sawan, the malefic effects of planets can also be reduced and the grace of Shiva can be obtained.

Meaning of Rudrabhishek
Rudrabhishek is made up of two words Rudra and Abhishek. Lord Shiva is also called Rudra in Hinduism. Whereas Abhishek means to bathe or to do. Thus Rudrabhishek means the consecration of Lord Shiva.


Importance of Rudrabhishek
According to religious beliefs, planetary defects, diseases, troubles, and sins are eradicated by doing Rudrabhishek. Also Lord Shiva showers blessings on his devotee. If there is any desire in the mind, then Rudrabhishek must be done with a sincere heart.