Root Canal Treatment: When do teeth need root canal treatment, know all the things related to it..


Root Canal Treatment: A few years ago, when there was tooth decay, the tooth itself was removed from the root, but science has made progress, and now there is no need to extract the tooth in case of any serious problem, Teeth are now saved from root canal treatment.


What is a root canal?
The canal is opened by drilling from the upper part of the decayed tooth. With this, the entire pulp is taken out. After this, the entire canal is cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite. Again it is filled. After this, the tooth is sealed with silver filling or tooth-colored filling. To strengthen the tooth, it is necessary to cover it after root canal treatment.

When to eat after a root canal?
After a root canal, doctors do not recommend eating until your teeth and gums have dried up. It usually lasts only for a few hours. It is important not to eat at all immediately after a root canal because your gums and your mouth are numb because of the effects of the medicine, so you can bite your cheek, and your tongue, because if you can't feel what If you are eating hot food then naturally you can damage your tongue.

What is good to eat after a root canal
Eating soft foods immediately after a root canal is beneficial. Foods that are difficult to eat or chew like nuts and seeds should be avoided. Sticky foods like candy gum or caramel should be avoided. While eating food, you also have to take care of the temperature. Like very cold it should not drink very hot food or water. You can eat cream, soup, cheese, curd milkshakes, and liquid protein supplements.


Treatment side effects
There are generally no side effects of root canal treatment however some individuals may experience some discomfort on the side at times like you may experience mild pain in the tooth for a long period of time.No infected thing root canal treatment If it remains in the teeth or if the antibiotic is not able to work properly on it, then a small abscess can come out due to allergy.