Risk factors of Lifestyle Diseases in Women: - These 5 reasons increase the risk of lifestyle diseases in women


In today's time, due to the kind of lifestyle and diet of people, they get many types of diseases. Although health problems can strike anyone, women are relatively more prone to problems. Many lifestyle diseases affect more women. These range from heart disease to stroke, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc. These are such health problems, which can further increase the problem manifold.

However, the main cause of most of these lifestyle diseases is women themselves. Indeed, most women do not pay much attention to their health. If they are working women, then their health gets affected in the process of balancing home and work. Not only this, she does not take it seriously if she has any health problem, which further aggravates the problem. Many factors increase the risk of these lifestyle diseases in women even more. So today in this article we are telling you about some such reasons-

Unhealthy eating habits

The main reason behind most health problems is the diet of the person. Unhealthy eating patterns, not eating at the right time, and over-dieting are some of the reasons, why micronutrients are deficient in the body of women. Due to a lack of nutrients, the functioning of the body does not work properly and then the woman is at increased risk of many lifestyle diseases.

Take too much stress

Too much stress, lack of sleep and lack of physical activity contribute to weight gain. Stress and lack of sleep increase the level of the hormone cortisol, which leads to inflammation in the body. Cortisol increases appetite and craving, which leads to weight gain. It can also lead to pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal problems and PCOS in the woman.

Ageing health problems

As a woman gets older, her risk of having various health problems increases greatly. After the age of 30, their body starts losing calcium and their bones become weak. In addition, women are at a higher risk of developing heart disease and diabetes from the age of 35 onwards. Therefore, women must get regular health checkups according to their age and take special care of their diet. 

To smoke

In today's time, women resort to smoking to relieve stress. But women who smoke are more likely to have a heart attack than men. Not only this, but such women may also have heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes etc.

Not exercising

This is a common reason, why women are more prone to lifestyle diseases. Actually, in today's time, women have very little time, due to which they do not participate in exercise or any kind of physical activity. Due to this, they not only have to face the problem of being overweight. Rather, obesity also leads to diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure problems and hormonal issues.

Image Credit- freepik