Republic Day 2023: Make these recipes in tricolor on Republic Day, the heart will be filled with patriotism!


India will celebrate its 74th Republic Day on 26 January this year. Most of us start our day by attending flag hoisting, watching parades and patriotic programs on television, or even spending some quality time with family members. But be that as it may, everyone feels the essence of nationalism on this day. You can find a tricolor theme in everything possible, be it tricolor decorations in offices, malls or cafes. More than anything, food is the most remarkable representation of the Republic Day celebrations.

If you are going to spend some leisure time at home, try these tricolor-themed recipes this Republic Day. We have presented some creative ideas and delicious food recipes for you!


Tricolor Paneer Tikka

Marinated paneer with ginger garlic paste, salt and spices, mustard oil, curd, and gram flour to make this tangy spicy recipe. Add some saffron and red chili powder for saffron color marination. For green color add mint and coriander leaves paste along with green chilies. For white color marination, put some cream, grated cheese, and cashew paste in the paneer slices. Set it for 15 minutes and then cook it well in the tandoor. Finally, serve these colorful paneer pieces on a stick or skewer with orange slices.

Indian Tricolor Pasta

On this special occasion, let's make a delicious and nutritious Tricolor Pasta recipe that your kids will love to eat. To make 3 different colored layers of pasta, use the marinara sauce for saffron color, Alfredo sauce for white colored pasta, and pesto sauce for green color. Finally, serve it in a tricolor theme.

Tiranga Pulao Recipe

To make three different colored layers of this recipe, add spinach puree to give green color to the rice, use coconut milk for a white layer of rice and tomato paste to make saffron-colored rice. Add puree. Top it with other spices and crisp vegetables and layer the spicy pulao in a tricolor theme.


Tricolor Pudding Cake

 Your pudding can also be in a tricolor theme. Make three colored halwa and keep it in a glass, which looks like a tricolor flag. Cook grated carrots with milk for saffron color and add sugar or jaggery for sweetness. For white color, make halwa with coconut milk, jaggery powder, and grated pumpkin. Finally, for green color make palak ragi halwa, roast bajra flour with ghee and jaggery powder, add little water, and when ragi starts absorbing water add spinach puree. For a tricolor look, layer these 3 halwa in a glass and garnish with chopped almonds, cashews, and nuts.